About Me

Gianna Carpanzano has been an eyelash extensions specialist for 4 years. Her journey began with a lifelong passion for the arts, which motivated her to establish a career as a makeup artist. She soon discovered eyelash extensions and quickly fell in love with the process. 

An ever industrious self-starter, Gianna put in the time and effort to teach herself about eyelash extensions, social media marketing and web development. Her clientele grew before her very eyes, and she was soon able to quit her primary job to focus on her lash business full-time. Gianna fulfilled her dreams just 1.5 years later, when she opened Rebel Lash & Brow Studios on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, IL.

As a young woman and salon owner, Gianna believes that teaching others is not only a learning opportunity, but also a humbling one. Her goal is to continue mastering the craft of eyelash extensions while sharing her knowledge with aspiring lash specialists and her clients. She hopes to make a difference in her community by providing great service to anyone who sits in her chair, leaving them feeling beautiful, valued and empowered throughout the entire process.